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FelixKat - think that person from Peoria Az must have been on something when he wrote that post. A.

Free ride thru the classes never helps. That “being at cause” is something I rarely hear from Klemmer Samurais, more from PSI Seminars. Though in PsI Seminars the grads hear it more as “at fault/guilt “ vs being equal to conditions so not to function as helpless victim - we can always learn something useful that is forward moving from any mistake or blessing.Check out Tony Robbins seminars he addresses a lot of the landmark Forum “technologies” without using jargon and breaks down into simple language and steps - over 25 years ago. No mystery why Tony does so well.

Had a friend who came back from Heart one of Klemmer’s advance classes, No rave reviews and asked me to read what’s on this site plus the rick Ross forum. Having not being around seminars for a while I will just speak to the business part of Klemmer based on what I see , and hear thru the grapevine and from my experience working with small family companies. Klemmer is a business in trouble . No direct marketing mechanism, indirect influence is not generating the numbers, graduates dont seem to take the leadership and their experience seriously , its more like a “seminar respect “ for the facilitator.

Big problem in a personality driven business. Leadership is more interested in facilitating - the juice of breakthrough vs the hard work of building classes. Building classes is where the rubber meets the road. N o one in the class the facilitators might as well stay home and talk to their bathroom mirror - not much of an ego boost or life transforming experience !!

One thing Brian did well, was he networked massively with other speakers or trainers that had a following, and then swapped followers - you rub my back and Ill rub yours strategy - passing students and book endorsements and he had a sales guy that is referred to here on this site and others, that did well and became partners ..then imploded. Why Brian hired him is beyond me, but birds of a feather do tend to flock together - a law of attraction thing. Euphoria led to arrogance and downfall - both on an individual and company level. What Brian ultimately was , is a speaker and trainer who hustled.

Brian was not a CEO or a businessman, but he worked hard to build his business - he had the founders mentality. what he did not have was real empowered leadership in his organization. And he loved kiss ***. LOVED them.

He avoided those who spoke up and against his own view of the world . Brian Klemmer has glasses on that he REFUISED to swap out. REFUSED. Stubborn Klemmer as famous at PSI Seminars and anyone who thought otherwise was on hope *** that Brian would EVER change.

There was no shared responsibility - it was truly Brians way or the highway. Brian Klemmer failed in planning for the future both in terms of people and business growth. His BS about 500 year plan was as insane as he had no 5 week plan. His only growth strategy was INTENTION - as in clear energy for the next few BIG classes.

HE NEVER knew or believed INTENTION can be exhausting and he confused synergy with sustainable teamwork In my opinion Klemmer lived totally in a Personal Mastery CLASSROOM environment. That on Sunday everything got better, Except when his top people thought they were creating a CULT of dummy followers then the company and Brian Klemmer got STUCK in a RED/Black game that he never came out of, till time ran out. I believe he was spoiled by network marketers, MLM types that came to his seminar looking for the Holy Grail in droves, That Holy Grail came with a high financial price tag, and it takes work to constantly. without annoying other people, to work on our own context.

Those crowds of MLM filled his classes but there is a constant need for new influencers. When the going got good, beyond their imagination, the inexperienced - name;y Klemmer and his leadership team, got cocky and arrogant...actually believing they were the cause of their success vs the client;s BELIEF that network marketers need to have in their own success and training. Klemmer and Associates became an inward focused company vs outward focused, taking time to write the compassionate samurai buying thousands of copies to resell and goose the best seller rankings and lauding his leadership team without the test of time and tribulation are all examples of hubris and inexperience. Somewhere along that path to growth, the truth about Klemmer and PSI Seminars CULT tendencies came out and on to the internet.

Brian Klemmer;s lack of sophistication to see how the world has changed and continues to change was partly responsible for Klemmer’s eventual demise. Transparency and stories flew at light speed 24/7 whether fairly or not, its the CEO;s job to navigate change. Once you are known as a CULT and seen as taking advantage of naive common folk, the TRUST is gone and so is your business. Brian NEVER prepared his company for that even as he knew about his health condition and the limited time we all have on earth.

There he was either in denial and failed his successors miserably. Brian Klemmer’s company is a B2C company not a B2B cultural transformation company though his website claims to have that experience. It’s a retail business focused on not so sophisticated and gullible buyers. The same type of buyers that lack the self confidence to trust their own judgement and common sense.

The poor tired and hungry all depend on TRUST. When that TRUST got violated because the business was now seen as a CULT, and Brian loved being the figure head and GURU, game over when TRUSt is violated. I dont beleve from the stories I hear, that the TRUST was EVER restored. Successive leaders never stepped up to the plate and played all out to reclaim that.

A Brand is more than a change in ownership. A brand lives in the imagination of its stakeholders. Not in the imgination of the owners. And when TRUST is violated, when understanding and awareness of what LGAT exercises are, people come to their own conclusions based on their own experiences, and yes seen thru their own filters and shared in their own way - on and offline.

And graduates react strongly when such trust is violated. Brian grew arrogant and cocky as his business grew. The rick Ross cult forum caught him unprepared and he tried to blow it off. Rick Ross has pro bono attorneys that can take on Landmark Forum.

Brian Klemmer’s Klemmer and associates is a tadpole compared to Landmark. No way money hungry Brian is going to spend money on lawyers to take on Rick Ross Cult forum. Brian taking on his client and sharing personal details online was TABOO. He broke TRUST again - for all the talk of compassionate samurai - HUMILITY was missing when he needed it the most.

The rest....Brian brought on himself - he basically imploded his own company . Brian Klemmer and his family are solely responsible for the lackluster 3rd tier ranking of this personal development company. His Christian flock deserted in droves so did his direct sellers. Who in their right minds take on their customers that depend on Word of Mouth and trust to build his classes?

Brian Klemmer as a businessman was an utter and complete failure. And an arrogant and stubborn one at that. And a great lesson for those who depend on the cult of charisma to build a business. Just ask about James Arthur Ray.

Then arrogance and stubbornness met one man with the inside scoop that was next to Klemmer and decided to spill the beans on the CULT on Rick Ross. End of Klemmer.. Brian klemmer failed his business and successors. In my opinion Brian got too big for his own shoes - the stress, the recession, the lost in trust could no way have been good for his health or his company.

How ironic a man who writes about balance had none. A man who writes about compassionate samurai had to eat his own words and actions about his leadership team.

A man who was huge into service and contribution, did not even build a team to take over for him. Any surprise his team is struggling ?

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Stumbled on the klemmer info and eventually this article. Gotta say that the article is not very coherent. Maybe that's because it is a grudge-written piece instead of an objective informative article.


If having Facebook have access to your personal data is bad, aren’t you concerned about what Klemmer facilitators say and think about the stories you tell in the seminars?Klemmer cult facilitators want you to “vomit” your stories of woe and mistakes and tragedy, that creates vulnerability in the seminar and the temporary illusion of intimacy and trust.Klemmer Facilitators then leverage that vulnerability in “ upgrading you “ to the next class.....think it doesn’t happen?What “dirty laundry” and stories about your life would you want to expose to a room full of strangers?? Still worry about Facebook?Worry about the Klemmer Cult and what you are paying for, knowingly and unknowingly!!!


Want to know how your outrageously priced Klemmer seminar tuition is being spent?

Klemmer and Associates is a Classic example of wasting company resources on frivolous "make-up" with Klemmer Konnect "Kult". Or is this an example of keeping the Klemmer Samurai Closer to the " Klemmer Cult"?

Creating a new website ( like the color choices though, much less sinister looking than Brian Klemmer's artistic red and black) to connect with graduates when the business needs to reach out vs dig in.

Oh WOW ...another example of Klemmer leadership @ play. Companies be warned:

Klemmer Leadership training is not the place for "leadership, business, or down to earth" training with an inward focused, archaic world view, and copycat seminars at outrageous prices.


This company is owned by a trust fund baby - private piggy bank. The sooner you all realize that, the less you all need to worry about how well its doing.

Has it occurred to you all that the owners of Klemmer and Associates might just be rich, happy and loving life?


Klemmer leadership needs a reality check. Too much dysfunctional internal dynamics leading to poor or non existent committed action.

Those regional directors look capable and willing, wonder if they have the relevant training from corporate to go out and make good stuff happen.

Always look to the top when the company is not producing in boom times...

Maybe they are all perfectly balanced beings, and we are the ones looking to make a mark on earth?


How about your all lighten up on Klemmer and Associates, show some compassion even when its hard?

And, Klemmer and Associates can show some HONESTY on its website promotional material, its facilitator claims, even when they dont want to and/or difficult?


Klemmer and Associates mission is to sell " a large amount of gullible Christians and hopeful Direct Sellers in a short period of time" so they can enjoy the profits of thousands that "buy hope" vs work for achievement.

Once you "get that", you understand these people and can deal with your own personal growth in a responsible manner.

Klemmer and Associates under the leadership fo Zink and Zellmer are more like a SCAM than a CULT, as long as they keep discerning the damage of the trainings that clueless Brian Klemmer kept from PSI Seminars.

Well meaning people with poorly thought out, and irrelevant tools for today's millenials.


Quite a mouthful there just to say that the found of Klemmer and Associates blew up his own company with no designated transition and a reliable marketing plan. Don’t all those LGAT seminars like Klemmer and Associates rely on their “disciples” that were once “clients”?

Check out New York Times article on Landmark Forum - “Getting in Touch with Feelings” - you are ok, I’m not, lets share.

Personal Development Seminar on Rocket Fuel - classes are much better priced than Klemmer and Associates . Hits square in the eyes .

Klemmer and Associates is drawn out seminar drama, and if you look closely - a lot of fluff time, and feeding of the facilitator ego and being in relationship with people you will hardly see again. Take the time with your family and “complete” - Landmark rockets out of the starting gate and sets you on your path

What is done in Klemmer’s Advanced Leadership, Landmark handles on its INTRODUCTORY class - THE FORUM. Unless you like to plod slowly and you spend unnecessary funds getting to out of nowhere places like Silver Cliff, NATHROP , CO in middle of winter!

It also has a business consulting arm called the VANTO group - real business types not “Jack and Jill - mom and pop approach that Klemmer never figured out how to approach.

Look at the corporate transformation website - it lacks credibility and depth. You want to approach google with trainers that used to work for network marketing companies and insurance agents?

Brian Klemmer could train facilitators in his sleep - Brian Klemmer NEVER KNEW HOW TO PICK AND GROOM LEADERS.

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