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Klemmer and Associates Published data seems neither complete nor credible for comparison purposes for a prospective direct seller leader. Appears to be Just Marketing BS.

The results are all over the map. Here are some questions for Klemmer and Associates - judging by results - often harsh always fair, as well as how was this data collected? Source and methods , add to the credibility of published results Klemmer and Associates claim to be a bold, ethical company developing leaders with character yes? Please explain data collection methods.

Klemmer and Associates claims its Personal Mastery helps deliver results - 15% more income after 90 days of attending. Just enough to pay for the tuition of Personal Mastery - Not good enough! With travel and lost sales time with customers and prospects, could your direct sales force have actually lost their productivity? Here are my issues with Klemmer and Associates Personal Mastery results page: There was no comparison with a control group - those who did not attend Personal Mastery.

IF the control group did just as well or better - Personal Mastery is a non factor. If the control group performed worse - does that mean Personal Mastery made the difference? We will never know as long as there is no comparison. See how MonaVie's results differ dramatically with Klemmer's "average".

Income dropped by - 16% while Demonstrations increased by 37%. Why ? Will you pay for those results?? Neways Internationa demonstrations improved by 40%+, but income increased by 9% umm..Are we to infer Personal Mastery does not help with close rate but generates activity?

Arbonne - Income increased 34% but demonstrations increased by, you ready? 1%. yes 1%!!! How was direct seller income and number of demonstrations verified ?

By a third party for credibility or from customer's survey? What happened 9 to 18 months out after attending Personal Mastery? Was performance improvement still there or was it just within the "90-day Seminar High" Window? What is the experience level of the direct sellers ?

At an average income of $3k/mo, these are experienced direct sellers vs newbies? Can anyone with direct selling experience and Personal Mastery explain the data? Want to hear from clients not Klemmer and Associates.

"Results" published are incomplete, not meaningful , too much variance and difficult to conclude whether it is worth the time and money. For attitudinal and personal development feedback, Klemmer and Associates Facebook page is full of happy campers - so maybe its good for the self, but not for the business?

Product or Service Mentioned: Klemmer And Associates Champions Workshop Seminar.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Online videos.

I didn't like: Delivery, Published results not credible, Wasting time sending 4 associates.

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Aside from Brian Klemmer's choice of examples of a Compassionate Samurai (Robert E. Lee,), this "large amount of change in a short period of time" is NOT SUSTAINABLE change as we have found out.
We as uplines need to consistently fine tune and educate our downline to keep momentum going.

It is not "change" that lasts, as more like a "sugar high".

Klemmer's Advanced Leadership and Heart of Samurai are very dangerous LGAT seminar formats that upon exiting the seminar, the participants need to be educated and coached on how to handle the "short term HIGHS".
Woe on you that goes, unprepared and gullible.

Would you hire Klemmer and Associates for Leadership training?

Brian Klemmer, author of Compassionate Samurai, considered Donald Trump and Ben Carson ( Mannatech kiss ) as examples of leadership? It’s in his book.

Brian Klemmer, found of Klemmer and Associates, Cult leader for paper samurais considered General Robert E.

Lee a compassionate Samurai and wrote so in Trans4Mind?? General Lee owned slaves, where is your heart Klemmer - the compassionate Samurai?

Brian Klemmer also claimed a lot of Heart of Samurai attendees are CEOs as in interviews about project Mercy in 2010? LOL - ROFLMAO!! Please - an MLM up line with a 500 direct sellers making next to nothing is hardly a CEO!!!

Brian Klemmer’s Vision and mission for Klemmer and Associates came from Werner Erhard - a world that works with no one left out?

Werner was espousing that vision waaay back in 1979 in an article a “shot heard around the world”. that’s 1979, 12 years before Klemmer started that disgraceful company of his.

Brian Klemmer hired a snake oil salesperson Steve Hinton that Brian Klemmer glorified in his book the Compassionate Samurai, then fired Steven a year later? Because Steve’s brother and Steve himself acknowledged that Klemmer and Associates is a cult? A leader fired someone for sharing the truth?

Where was that West Point Honor Code? Why were there so many “outside “ vendors peddling more seminars and tapes at Heart of Samurai TOTALLY unrelated to your personal development - like trading options??? Because Klemmer got a cut from sales!!! Go check what the success rate for trading options for a typical person is...??

That options company was one of Klemmer’s ex-students from PSI Seminars. Was Brian Klemmer bothered that you will lose money or was he thinking of his cut? Look up investopedia on odds of successive winning trades... If you cant make money consistently why are you trading options?

Did it ever occur to you why that guy was peddling seminars on how to trade options vs trading his own winning system ?? Brian Klemmer founded a “leadership and character “ development training company, which his appointed minions Kimberly Zink and Krystal Zellmer still proudly claim. Yet they do nothing to remove the manipulation inherent in those “experiential “ exercises from the 70’s? Even Landmark forum got away from those “experiential exercises” and replaced it with transformational conversations.

Brian Klemmer’s 10 samurai virtues and his ungrounded description and application of each virtue was 15 years after Anthony Robbins wrote about values in Awaken the Giant Within!!! And the section on virtues and values are still incomplete in the book and in the seminar - watch Anthony Robbins explain and show you how to apply it. Toss that compassionate samurai book away. Brian Klemmer is also a Christian and a West Point Graduate - where the honor code is a Cadet does not “lie, cheat or steal” - did Brian “steal “ his mission statement from est, “steal” the material from Anthony Robbins on values?

Did Brian “lie” that heart of Samurai attendees are mostly “CEOs” - its in print and on the net. How many of you are still trading options from that guy you bought the training at Heart of Samurai? Brain Klemmer shamed himself all over, discredited himself with the greater fool theory, and his minions are continuing to do his work in the form of Krystal Zellmer, Roma Klemmer, Kimberly Zink and Scot Pullman. Is the current leadership clueless that Brian Klemmer a boastful Christian, that colored the truth, and “copied / translated” someone else’s original intellectual work and mission?

The Klemmer personal development classes are still the same.

Same song, different singer. Anyone ready to hire Klemmer and Associates for “character and leadership” development training to create bold ethical leaders ??

to PissedNJ #1398999

Klemmer and Associates REAL mission - the underlying belief that runs that whole company - is this:

We are a character and leadership development company, that offers what we. In the company most need to learn and apply - character and bold leadership.

In the meantime, we settle for bottom dwellers of society, folks who feel no shame asking for other people’s money to fund their own personal growth . We hide our shame behind project Mercy and prayers while we meditate on ethics from Durango and send out worn out memes on twitter from Salt Lake.

Basically its a company stuck in the present, shameful of the past and fearful of a future with no one attending their classes.


Can Klemmer and Associates Leadership, ZZK, walk the talk?

Somewhere along his personal Christian Compassionate Samurai path, "Bottom Line Klemmer" must have skipped the " As above, so below" from PSI seminars or passed on to his kids, his famous west point education "lead by example" .

Probably when he started making some change, thought he made it. Guess Klemmer never heard about Tony Robbins?

Now the Klemmer Leadership party hearty at the Grand Wailea, while the paying paper compassionate samurai faithful digs and scratches to put on a personal mastery of 10 recruits for the pleasure of snowmobiling and skiing in winter in Durango. Good grief.


Directly from Klemmer and associates SCAM website response by Brian Klemmer, the founder : -

" We are a very result focused company and are proud of those results. No workshop is a magic silver bullet that makes everyone's dreams come true.

But large change can happen in a relatively short period of time. It's what we get paid to do by individuals and corporations"

However, on google reviews, a testimonial from Ms. Cooley quoted Brian Klemmer as " give THIS WORK 5 years "

The actual results are Klemmer Graduates on crowdsourcing funding sites pleading for funds to attend the next class? Fluffy shares like "better relationships, belief in self and worth" etc...all nice.

So which is the real Klemmer Personal Mastery?

Is there a bait and switch from Klemmer with the 500 year plan, but cant train his own employees to build a class of 25 people in personal mastery, consistently?

After 20 years and thousands of graduates, this company STILL lacks a scalable and repeatable marketing process and instead resorts to calling graduates to be of service to build a champion's workshop? Where is the personal responsibility in that??

Can Klemmer Associates apply its own training to "discover what isnt working? " with Klemmer's own messaging, branding, marketing, training, leadership and results?


This is Klemmer and Associates Cult propaganda to show that it has a "results focus" when we all know the real result is how many are "buying the next Klemmer class". Fooling no one except those that deserve to "be taken" because they ( the new samurai recruits) wont do the homework

Brian Klemmer, the founder and author of compassionate samurai, considers General Robert E.

Lee the confederate general, a compassionate samurai as he writes in the blog TRANS4MIND.

He is calling someone who owns slaves in that era a compassionate samurai, way to go Klemmer.!!!

Does anyone do any due diligence before they buy anymore, or find out who they are dealing with?

Klemmer spent 20 years at PSI Seminars, what do you think he passed on to Krystal Zellmer and Kimberly Zink, the current leadership of Klemmer and Associates??



Those results from Klemmer and Associates Personal Mastery training for Direct Sellers cannot be real. Klemmer #Fake News mate?

Arbonne and Usana two top MLM companies have their independent Consultants income published online for all to see.

In 2014, Less than 2% of Arbonne consultants are Regional VP which average $64K a year, about $5K. There were about 240,000 Arbonne consultants in 2014.

Klemmer and Associates must have zeroed in on the top 2% to attend - difficult to believe considering how Klemmer Workshops market - come one come all with credit cards !! Sounds like how Arbonne markets as described in the Herald Sun, our local Aussie paper.

With USANA, about 0.1% ( tenth of a percent ) of associates make $1200/week. USANA has about 81,000 preferred customers world wide.

Those Klemmer and Associates published "Results you can count on" are increasingly difficult to believe - primarily they were able to find as that many associates with "average monthly income of close to $4K" Did you say the founder, Brian Klemmer went to West Point where the Honor code is "cadet will not lie, cheat, steal...or tolerate those who do?" Klemmer wrote the book Compassionate Samurai with Honor as one of the virtues?

Where is the current leadership at Klemmer and associates and their fiduciary responsibilities? Cheers mate and good luck with the team!!


IS Klemmer and Associates embellishing their Direct Seller's results??

Full Disclousre: I am not a direct seller but have serious doubts about Klemmer Workshops quality, honesty and integrity.

This direct selling survey from Klemmer's own website is a good example of my concerns with Klemmer workshops.

Where did Klemmer find so MANY network marketers/direct sellers to attend your class that makes a MONTHLY income of $3900??? Klemmer and Associates found 2000 network marketers and only surveyed these direct sellers? HAHAHAHAHAHA!! These are awesome direct sellers if their average MONTHLY income is close to $4000.

And with these awesome direct sellers, they were only able to squeeze out an average 15% increase after 90 days???? LOL

Here are some numbers from Marketwatch on direct selling / network marketing. Google it.

ISAGENIX reports its average ANNUAL income for an associate ( no recruits ) is $197. $197 over 12 months.

In the same Marketwatch article - The average direct seller, as calculated by the Direct Selling Association, sells $1,914.

Sells, thats not what they make( income)! The median ( half makes more, half makes less ) ANNUAL income is $2400. $2400 a year.!! Are Klemmer's Compassionate Samurai "stretching " results?

Is "Honesty" a Compassionate Samurai value? The author of Compassionate Samurai is Brian Klemmer, a West point grad where the honor code is .." A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do" What ethical leadership condones this type of behavior? My son is going to the Naval Academy!!!

My apologies to direct sellers, you make $4000/month you are truly awesome !! Skip Klemmers Workshops, you can start your own training.!!


Thank you JeneusseFR for bringing up the results to the community.

The results are mediocre for Direct Sellers because that is not what Klemmer training does ...train Direct Sellers on demonstrations and enrollments.

They target Direct Sellers for a different reason. Klemmer and Associates wants your Direct Sellers to hold their Champions workshops.

YES you the direct seller, honest church goer, is the one doing the work!! Here is the pitch " demonstrate leadership...step up into service...your community trusts you so be of service to the community... take the risk..shine the white light on self...

Its called --- the Klemmer Champions Incentive !!!

SLICK eh ?

- Klemmer and Associates cant sell. So how can they train direct sellers? *** wonder why there is so much Google search for "Klemmer and Associates - Scam or Cult "? but not much for "Klemmer leadership or character" ??

*** Get it...??

this Compassionate Samurai fooled you! But Direct Sellers are getting wise now...Fool me once...


The comparison with those who did not attend Klemmer's Champions Workshop and Personal Mastery is the tell for the effectiveness of this"character leadership" training for the direct selling industry.

Plenty of Direct sellers who have never attended these Champions Workshop seminars are doing well, otherwise the Direct Selling industry would have disappeared a long time ago!!

Heard the founder Brian Klemmer, was a relentless self-promoter among Christians with his controversial books. His compassionate Samurai has dubious reviews on Amazon as other reviewers have pointed out how so many reviews ( 90) showed up with 5-stars on THE SAME DAY!!

We would not recommend Klemmer's Champion's Workshop or Personal Mastery to our team out of ETHICAL and EFFECTIVENESS concerns just based off the published reports for Direct Sellers from Klemmer's website .

How does Klemmer Leadership not check the work before they publish for accuracy, transparency, and credibility for a leadership and character development company?

Klemmer leadership expect the public to blindly belief what they claim?

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