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Here is what Klemmer and Associates did when I shared my review on Google. They were so pressed for good reviews they dragged graduates from 10 and 8 years ago to push down my review.

They did all this in the LAST WEEK, like they made an announcement or a plea for help from their "top Samurais" or something to share a positive review. Why did these graduates from 8-10 years ago, all of a sudden reviewed Klemmer on Google? To push my review further down!! For Shame Klemmer Associates.

As a single mother, I am taking a stand and sharing my own experience of Klemmer and staff. This is why we have feedback and Klemmer reviews, instead of doing something constructive with it, don't you all eat feedback for lunch to be a Klemmer facilitator?? Kimberly Zink and class applauded when we shared something personal, vulnerable yet painful and labelled it a breakthrough in class, but now in life this company tried to "push down" my review? My review is my feedback!

The have done similar things to others on that review site when they gave one star!! Horrible treatment of us graduates.

OMG - Klemmer, Zellmer and Zink where is your sense of Honor and Integrity? I have been quiet for a couple of years over my family's experience with Klemmer and associates, and now I know why they are labelled as CULT and SCAM when others search for Klemmer and Associates?

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: How they treat graduates after they have paid and attended class.

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I would not fuss over those Klemmer Cult graduate testimonials on the google site. Those Klemmer testimonials read like a movie review or an outer body experience.

Devoid of personal involvement, responsibility and accomplishment.

Not very clear and specific testimonials, and NONE give credit to themselves for their own lives and what they accomplished before, during and after. Classic Klemmer and Associates/PSI Seminars cult brainwash -

can you see Patrick Dean and Brian Klemmer’s stretching the truth and manipulation all over that seminar process!

Those testimonials actually show that Klemmer and Associates Mastery, or Leadership training does not work!!

Why does Klemmer and Associates leadership training does not work?

These PAYING CLIENTS give credit to seminars vs themselves,,,opps guess they were checked out during the Personal Responsibility part. Testimonials shared by Klemmer graduates read like a movie review, an outer body experience.

Klemmer Associates cult at work - different leadership, same seminar, same cult end result .

to PSIDen #1398897

The tens of thousands of Klemmer seminar attendees are not coming out in the tens of thousands to defend their label of a cult which has been over a decade. Wonder where the tens of thousands of samurais and Klemmer graduates that Kimberly Zink refer to are now?

Those new testimonials are disturbing, they praise and laud the seminars and company.

Did they forget the IAM exercise in Personal Mastery - LOL - still low self-esteem and paid too MUCH and got so little.

Their biggest wins are outside of themselves - what the seminar did vs What I accomplished and created ???

AH YAHH!! Klemmer seminars no good no more !!

to PSIDen #1398947

Today is Dec.1 2017, watch my review and see Klemmer lemmings adjust to what WE say here on this site.

Those Klemmer testimonials fall into the “feel, felt,found” category - none relate to specific behavior change vs results. Ever felt great about your ex-girl friend or boyfriend in the beginning?

Or your ex-spous and how wonderful they were at one time? Where are they now based on your feelings?

Classic unknowing LGAT victim response. Kimberly Zink and Krystal Zellmer fell right for it...ask a grad to share good energy and boom they share how they felt....LOL.

Zink and Zellmer are babes in the woods of personal development and the Klemmer clan set them up .

Check out Landmark Forum or Tony Robbins if you really want to get ahead.

Klemmer and Associates Seminars are for depressed Christians that dont complain, do what they are told, have repressed feelings of self-worth and self-esteem and looking for salvation from their sin filled past lives and now cant function. Reach for you wallet and you can FEEL better - for a few weeks.


Review of how Klemmer and Associates Leadership handled this client in distress is painful to read. Rather than negate or “drown out/push down” bad reviews with more favorable reviews handle this appropriately.

Is Roma Klemmer out to lunch?

We know you are a private company, so Roma,Zellmer and Zink can handle it anyway they choose. just remember not to crawl to us Klemmer grads to host a Champion’s workshop, or offer a Champion’s Incentive. Our reputation in our personal and professional lives could take a hit when we , Champions Workshop promoters in Virginia, Hawaii, Florida and Colorado are labeled as “cult promoters”.

Klemmer,Zellmer and Zink, figure your own way to promote your seminars.

The “court of public opinion” is a little hot among our friends and please explain what Large Group Awareness (LGAT) training and its consequences after the seminar high that Brian Klemmer refers to in his own blog. We Klemmer Champions Workshop hosts have a right to know!

to HIGrad #1398909

Roma Klemmer, Kimberly Zink and Krystal Zellmer have long spent your money HIGRAD. There are after the next round of suckers in their net to entrance them with a plastic sword from China and a zip line for $10K and to ask for forgiveness from whoever they had an upset with in the past.

Pretty slick way for Klemmer and Associates to make money eh?

Bring your past, we sell you on hope, you pay for the class and you market for us for a pat on the back, and a dinner with Zink and *** in Durango.

Klemmer clients are low end, compassionate samurais are paper warriors with no spine look at how they accomplish their goals, say BOO to them at night and they are back to “ being at the effect of life.”

What normal person pays for Klemmer and Associates mastery classes? What over achiever needs a samurai sword to achieve? Warren Buffet?

Sergey Brin?

Mark Zuckerberg? You and me?

to HIGrad #1402799

HIGrad ,

You as a Klemmer Grad, I assume, is talking to leadership at Klemmer that is stuck in their "ways of being". As they are "right and righteous" and our feedback is irrelevant.

Wise leadership jumps on the opportunity to validate comments and excel.

You as a Klemmer Grad, matters only when they need that out of date "Champion's Workshop".

A Champion does what it takes when it matters most. Klemmer leadership consisting of " clueless, looking good, looking lethargic, and looking saintly" does what it takes to get by.

On its best day, its a mediocre outfit .


Reviews of Klemmer and Associates on Google that references "THE WORK" is LGATspeak - same as used in LifeSpring .

Check out Breakthrough/Momentus Training - another LGAT type focused on "character" building for Christians by a former LifeSpring Trainer. See a lot of the same exercises (different names) mentioned .

all these LGATS like Klemmer and Associates Quickening targeting Christians, no wonder they feel porsecuted. Sheesh.


Odd thing about those who have been "brainwashed" is that they cannot help themselves to bring loaded jargon into their everyday communication.

Please decide for yourself how Klemmer cult disciples communicate by reading the Samurai references to Klemmer and associates LGAT trainings on the google reviews with 4 or more stars.

Anyone know what the repeated references to "THE WORK" mean by these Compassionate Samurais ???

Look how they think the world of these"facilitators , and leaders among leaders". Who are they comparing against ?

a treatment for PTSD is also mentioned in the reviews - are these Klemmer Seminars medically sanctioned?

Cult definition - Extreme dedication to a set of beliefs, a charismatic leader or "New Religious Movement", a process ( LGAT ) and economic exploitation ( paid off those expensive seminars yet?)

That is cult loaded jargon from Klemmer Associates at work and cults spreading in your neighborhoods at work.!! Please be careful - Klemmer's own site reviews reveal who they are, and what they do - a Large Group Awareness Training !!


Hello - so you posted a negative review on Google for Klemmer and Associates, and you discovered that Klemmer and Associates went out for a "send positive "reviews to their "graduates" which pushed your negative review lower, and bumped up the number of stars on google reviews for Klemmer?

That is pretty standard, low budget way of gaming the "star review" system. PSI Seminars, the other LGAT cult on this side does the same, Klemmer must have learned from PSI Seminars how to handle cult reviews.

Brian Klemmer did the same with his book "compassionate Samurai" He had a Heart class post reviews of "compassionate Samurai" on Amazon. So many of this obedient newly minted "Compassionate Samurai"- rushed to review the book on Amazon , and all on the same day - that honest people who bought the book "Called the game on Brian Klemmer" that 90 odd reviews showed up on the same day!!! GOTCHA KLEMMER - premier character development company !! They all read it on the same day and posted it on the same day??


Sounds like same song different day, like father like daughter??

Why dont you write a letter to Roma Klemmer, the Chairperson of the Board for this small 10-person company? Be specific, offer solutions and ask for a refund?? Do not let fancy titles bother you. They might listen, might.

Here is a case story when Klemmer forgets "Being With"

The last time that Brian Klemmer ignored a $30,000 refund request from someone, it opened up a Pandora Box that still sings to this day. That graduate that requested a refund, was Steve Hinton's brother. Steve Hinton was personally selected by the master of "character development - Brian Klemmer" to be his business partner in Klemmer and Associates. Turns out the brother has A LOT of history on Steve Hinton's made up credentials and checkered past.

Steve was chosen by Brian to be a partner with Klemmer, based on results that Steve Created for Klemmer. Steve Hinton did an awesome job picking on Network Marketers, while Brian focused on Harrison's church types. They did well together, Heart had 300 plus people according to Patrick Dean. Brian Klemmer was so enamored with Steve Hinton and Patrick Dean's Cult promotion capabilities he lauded and praised the two of them in his "Compassionate Samurai " book as partners aligned with Klemmer's beliefs and did very well together.

Made $$$ off people desperate to improve their lot in life and pillaged their credit cards for approval, 90-day feel good, and a sword. And yo uhad to bow to get that Made in China sword Steve's brother did not get a refund and exposed Klemmer's seminars as an LGAT, with lots of cult like tendencies. He researched LGAT and Klemmer at Rick Ross cult education site. Them "my way or highway Brian Klemmer" fired/retired both Patrick Dean and Steve Hinton.

Patrick and Steve were caught/ratted on by fellow Samurais that Brian was either "forming a church to make money" or caught calling Klemmer a cult, and the graduates/Compassionate Samurais - "Sheepies and ***". The trio was a real class act eh? You gave them your money, lauded them like they were angels from heaven and they called you names. Graduates fled by the thousands in the US, because they could not boast about their "specific and measurable results that happened as a result of a LARGE amount of change in a small amount of time - as promised by the Klemmer marketing pitch ".

LOL so Klemmer tried China, as usual, as a result of a Compassionate Samurai's efforts...uhmm like all Klemmer ventures that went well for a few months till the Klemmer Character surfaced and NO MORE KLEMMER CHINA... Not suprised. These people are not what they seem in front of the room . The seminar is a controlled context with a known ending...you were goose for Thanksgiving the minute you walked in .....

you only FELT better. Where are your REAL and VERIFIABLE RESULTS, all ye Compassionate Samurais??

Want to FEEL better ? go get an ice cream - its only $5.

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