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I am a global ISAGENIX distributor, I would NOT recommend Klemmer and Associates workshop, Here is why: Klemmer and associates workshops is in the business of belief and recruiting. My suspicion is that the emphasis on "belief and perpetual recuriting" is what gives it a cult-like following and klemmer and associates a cult feel.

In direct selling world our belief is in self/product/results for client - not in a seminar and recruiting others to go to a seminar - thats Klemmer's business not ours. The "sharing" with their "friends and families" has a familiar feel - but its short term emotion driven. Unsustainable, and very short term momentum. ======================================= The challenge with this type of training is the client is not self-empowered vs "training-empowered" - they feel they have to go back and "staff" be "involved" , the power is still outside of the client, or perceived by most of the client.

The conversation is "about personal responsibility" however the clients I sent were more"empowered and attached to the seminars" vs themselves and what they can accomplish...does not last. Productivity fell ============= When my ISAGENIX downline went, there were a lot of excitement for about 3 weeks. But the excitement was about "sharing" the "personal stories" they heard about their "buddies and seminar team". Attrition Went up ============== Something about Klemmer Workshops and from what I read LGAT workshops seems to ignite "Leaving".

Leaving a business, a relationship, right into the arms of more Klemmer Workshops. Not what we paid for. Though people leave for their own personal reasons, an "EXODUS" from the business into promoting " Klemmer Champions Workshop" does not help build a business. Klemmer Workshops, if not managed effectively, can destroy downlines.

Some of our people had to rebuild. Too much "philosophy and doctrine" - creating debate and conversation and our people losing focus on what ISAGENIX is here to do to serve society. Our downlines engaged in philosophical discussions and treated the facilitators as "star personalities" vs consultants we hired. Some of Klemmer's Facilitators are mere social workers at best, and eventually discovered to be "emperor has no clothes" as they suffer from an abundance mentality.

We do not want them near our downlines. Loyalty and "servant Leadership" may be healthy for Klemmer and Associates to create a "cult following" - but we are in the business of enhancing people'slives thru our products. Our goal is not to follow a particular "doctrine or a church-like sermon on values of a compassionate Samurai". Plundering downlines for Klemmer's own Marketing ends =========================================== This type of Klemmer Workshops essentially leverages on our team's hard work and efforts in building a business, and offering trainings to our dowlines, while reducing Klemmer's own marketing efforts.

They market to groups that someone else build. Do your own marketing !! In the name of leaving "no one behind" we helped with building some champions workshops. DONE !

We DO NOT WANT Champion's Incentives to build more Champion's workshops for Klemmer and Associates. Our message to Klemmer and Associates - :" Hire your own marketing staff, to build your Klemmer Workshops" not take advantage of Direct Sellers Downlines.

That is not a WIN-WIN, no matter what your CHAMPIONS INCENTIVE to hang out with your " questionable Facilitators" Be ETHICAL. Practice your own Leadership and build your own Character.

Product or Service Mentioned: Klemmer And Associates Champions Workshop Seminar.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Some of the exercises.

I didn't like: Sales, Calling our downlines, Harassed to build champions workshops.

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Dear directionless Compassionate Samurai,

If you feel you must, build a Champion's Workshop, because you want to work off a scholarship for Advanced, or you just feel like you want to take a break from your personal life goals and direction, and too much time on your hands. OR you bought into Brian Klemmer's copied vision of "no one left out" - It came from est, Werner Erhard originally in 1979, not that disgraced samurai Brian Klemmer.

IF/THEN - get it?

We suggest the following:

Your champions Incentive is a 1 week all expenses paid trip to Grand Wailea - a Waldorf Astoria Resort on Maui - with Krystal Zellmer!!

IF you want to embody the Samurai Code - make your reward - BOLD, OUTRAGEOUS, and WORTH your effort. Don't you want to find out how a trust fund baby lives? All that money from telling you your life does not work, but it will work if you jump off a zip line and believe in yourself...good grief and "be in contribution and build a champion's workshop" - Do "the work"

Well go EXPERIENCE what ill gotten gains from overpriced Klemmer seminars, with cult like following, can buy you at the Grand Wailea - Awesome resort. Make sure you get the hot lava massage and dine at Humuhumunukunukuapa'aa restaurant - its over a pond.

Slick. Krystal Zellmer vacations there and proud of it. Dont you , the compassionate samurai, want to blow some money and treat yourself the same way Krystal Zellmer does ??? Grow some, and get what you deserve, not what life offers you - which is " cross country snowmobiling with Kimberly and Tim Zink" in Durango - REALLY ????

If you settle for Durango, You dont need a seminar, you need a shrink!! Check out the crime stats for Durango.


Here is a link, a different point of view, for all Klemmer Compassionate Samurai's. Go to youtube and search for "What is a Cult and how does it work?" by Margaret Singer.

Now reflect those traits on your Klemmer Seminar experience, staffing Advanced Leadership, Hosting Champions Workshop...and most importantly the reviews and the conversation jargon of the Staff.

Decide for yourself - just increasing awareness.


For those interested in Klemmer's Personal Mastery, Klemmer and Associates Champions Workshop , I suggest you research the following on google or bing.

"Cameron Freeman" - "Confessions of a cult leader" You can see the exercises in Personal Mastery there.

Cults love focusing on the core of an individual - known as self-image, self identity - I AM

Cults like the authority of having "The Word" on how to live - see if that reminds you of the book "Compassionate Samurai"

Cults have figures ( Facilitators ) - that some tend to worship much longer than a 30-sec commercial.

Do your homework before you buy Klemmer and Associates Character and Leadership development workshops.

Cults love to be in your midst - at home, at work , at play . They would love for your to recruit/enroll your friends and families.

Please attend or avoid - either way with your eyes wide open !! Good Luck!


Here is another point of view, and I challenge all Klemmerites to hold a "different pair of sunglasses "up till you finish reading and lets see if " your beliefs are BOXED in ". Just stretching the mind...


Some other worthwhile research into "Personal Development" read the following - if you can afford it still on Amazon:

1. SHAM - How the self-help movement made America Helpless

2. RADICAL HONESTY - how to transform your life by telling the truth

3. Bright-Sided : How Positive Thinking is undermining America

Note the distinction : Positive Thinking vs Constructive Thinking and Action Cost a little more than those samurai books, and you might actually get more out of it.

And a blog worth reading, again for a different point of view, skepdic.com on LGAT mentions PSI seminars the daddy of Klemmer and Associates, and the grandaddy of Council on Leadership by Steve Hinton, the ex-cult promoter for Klemmer and Associates. I challenge you to read those , and stay in your "lifeboat".


I worked at this company some time back when Klemmer use to lord over the place.

It was not a democracy, He had a "stage persona", a "family persona" and a "my way or highway" persona.

Part of the problem was the company had his last name - and the "cult of individual".

It was a family business and he ran it like that.

He got along well with Steve Hinton - the VP there, two peas in a pod, there were parts of each other within - Bit of Steve Hinton in Brian Klemmer. Not all those deals they made with uplines were as "ethical" as you think and plenty of kickbacks from other vendors - real estate deals, options, setting up trusts, etc at Heart of the Samurai.

The "Heart " of Samurai bit was all about dipping into your wallets and pay, contribute, grow, diversify - annoyed some of the MLM types that just wanted their downlines to develop and grow their business.

Dont know whether Patrick Dean got any of the kickback action. His step son worked there as well, good guy my age then, and had a great attitude about the whole "seminar thing".

He also wanted out to do something on his own in another industry to make his own way...hope he did. The facilitators worked out of their homes so saw little of Brian Klemmer. And they needed him to build classes and Brian went out of his way to promote his business. True ownership.

The facilitators needed their "fix" so they put up with Klemmer's rants and fits. It was all about loyalty to Brian Klemmer, the person, not the mission as described. I would not recommend anyone I know to take the Klemmer and Associates workshop because I have worked around Brian Klemmer for almost a year. Other options out there.

Better and more progressive personal growth classes, and they dont hound you to build a Champion's workshop. Hope new Management is better - best of luck to everyone on the journey.


Check out IAM seminars - it has an outdoor ADVENTURE focus. Based out of Oregon, if you like outdoor environments combined with self discovery - this may be your ticket.

IAM seminars is conducted by a couple, personable and down to earth, and the owners Brian and Karen Miller answers questions personally.

Take a pass on LGAT type seminars like PSI Seminars, Council on Leadership in San Luis Obispo or the Klemmer and Associates Personal Mastery.

" Cult like" worship to an individual or a symbol like a Compassionate Samurai can be extremely damaging . Buyer beware of false prophets, faulty resumes of Klemmer Facilitators - shame on them!

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