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When reviewing a training to attend, I like to look at the facilitator resumes. What has he accomplished, how large an organization, what value did he create, how broad his /her experience?

What is disturbing about Scott Pullan, facilitator for Advanced Leadership and Samurai Camp at Klemmer and Associates resume is that he was the Marketing Director in 2002 . He needs to correct that ERROR as they were others in that role and he was NOT the Marketing Director. I also would like to know what Trainers would have accomplished in their lives, outside of a training room. Scott Pullan with Klemmer and Associates linkedin resume has ZERO accomplishments but time parked and spent at various locations.

Sorry I would not take ANY training from Scott Pullan, when the truth of his linkedin resume is in dispute, and if he was EVER the Marketing Director since 2002, he worked for Steve Hinton, the gentleman who supposedly exposed Klemmer and Associates as a cult and called them "Sheepies and ***". To continue to work there after knowing what Steve Hinton was like, leaves disturbing questions about Scott Pullan's personaljudgement, common sense and integrity. Happy to pull this review if Scott Pullan will CORRECT his linkedin resume and stop misleading his work history, and I see no results that this trainer for Klemmer and Associates has achieved. 2002 - present Marketing Director??

2003 - Advanced Leadership?? SAD if you pay money to listen to Scott Pullan of Klemmer and Associates, consumers today are smarter, wiser and will expose false resumes online.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Integrity.

  • False Resumes
  • Zero Accomplishments
  • Seminar Facilitators
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Why are you all surprised about facilitator D. Scott Pullan's resume?

He was hired by Brian L Klemmer - the master of copy and mimic... Here is What Brian Klemmer's Klemmer and associates have mimicked or copied from OTHER LGATs. Brian Klemmer's legacy drips of shame!!!

Klemmer and Associates Vision of "no one left behind" - Est from 1979, Klemmer was 30 years late!!! and his company a fraction of Landmark Education Company.

Brian Klemmer's Compassionate Samurai book has attributes that Tony Robbins had covered in Awaken the Gian Within - a full 15 years before Klemmer and associates.

Klemmer and Associates is not even a good cult, they are behind the times, the books and trainings are from est, PSI seminars and Mind Dynamics.

His book material is Klemmer ramblings hoping to catch a bite and anyone - especially Brian Klemmer, can order 5,000 copies or more of compassionate Samurai, then resell them, to get it on WSJ best seller list.

Why are you all surprised that Brian Klemmer was a copycat, and chose facilitators and marketing reps that stretch their resumes like D.Scott Pullan and Steve Hinton - the ultimate Cult promoters??

Someone had to order those books move up the best seller list....So someone knows.....and someone is now sharing....

More scam facts to follow in 2018 for Klemmer and Associates now run by his daughter Krystal - lets see if she is someone with honor and integrity.... we will expose Klemmer and Associates as a SCAM and A CULT


Unacceptable levels of integrity from Klemmer and Associates Facilitator! Is your self-esteem so low as to fudge a resume on Linkedin Mr.

Pullan ? WE know who was the marketing director in 2002, NOT YOU!

When Klemmer and Associates from Petaluma and Durango behaves like a CULT, we run and we tell others to RUN!


Its a family business now, for better or worse, with a different energy and focus...same exercises...

Cant understand why Scott Pullan will make a "mistake" like that on the resume and as a facilitator .

Oh Well Brian Klemmer went to West Point, and he joined an LGAT for 20 years then started his own LGAT Klemmer and associates.

Klemmer gave Steve Hinton a pass on the West Point code code of honor " to not tolerate those who lie, cheat or steal" until Steve told the truth about his company. Then Klemmer fired his partner that he wrote about in Compassionate Samurai. So much for the book, Klemmer's ethics...

Steve Hinton's ethic went Missing in Action (MIA) a long time ago....long before he became a Partner at Klemmer and Associates - LGAT and cult methods galore.

Good night everyone...keep the comments coming as we educate ourselves and others and pormote transparency to those " who can talk the talk" but MIA on "walk the talk"


D. Scott Pullan was not the marketing director at Klemmer and Associates in 2002.

Shame on The leadership at Klemmer for allowing false documentation of Scott Pullan's resume. Steve Hinton and Nicole were there in 2002.

Nicole and Steve battled , because Steve Hinton is a slippery snake oil sales man but did marvelous for Brian Klemmer with Champion's workshop. Steve Hinton also had posted a false resume when he worked there and Brian knew it.

Steve's kin had to "blow the whistle" to maintain integrity. Water under the bridge.

Odd part is....why is there a pattern of false resumes with Klemmer and Associates?

More expose to come on the Illusion of Brian Klemmer and the Compassionate Samurai, then and now to come....


Looks like Klemmer's past "behind the scenes" practices and labelling of his Christian and Direct Selling clients for Personal Mastery and "Klemmer Heart of the Samurai "is coming back to haunt the present leadership team.

Too bad that reality is surfacing so late about what this alleged cult of the Klemmer facilitator - an end result of LGAT training, and misguided Christian groups or pastors that benefited from Klemmer Donations are upset.

KARMA when a company cannot live up to " character and leadership" and ethical practices....those who know are out there...


Wonder what this guy's excuse is? Does Scott Pullan still work at Klemmer?

His wife Michelle Pullan works there? Where is the "Stand" that the current Klemmer Leadership is taking on ETHICAL behavior. Hello Kimberly Zink, when you exit the "white light - save the world " stage of your life, please get back to ETHICAL BEHAVIOR in your organization. You are the President of Klemmer and Associates - BTW, are you salary or 1099?

Basic Ethics is about "right vs Wrong" - do you need to take Personal Mastery or read the "Compassionate Samurai" Scott Pullan to fix your erroneous resume on Linked in?

Scott Pullan you are a Personal Mastery Facilitator for Klemmer and Associates!!

And is your wife Michelle Pullan tolerating this unethical behavior of embellishing resumes, and describing activities vs accomplishments on your resume?

Scott Pullan - other than doing a lot of facilitator activities, what accomplishments do you have really that could go on Linkedin so you can help Klemmer and Associates on its journey of being a "premier Character and Leadership" development company?

Those who can't - teach? Those who know - DO.

Someone knows who worked at Klemmer in 2002 + And you Scott Pullan was NOT a marketing director.


My question to this Klemmer and Associates Facilitator is:

What is his intention in posting a resume that is not accurate? We know the people that worked in the Klemmer Office in 2002, we sent a lot of our associates thru and spoke to a very nice empowering lady there from Canada.

How does Klemmer and Associates current leadership tolerate this type of behavior in a company supposedly developing "character" and the compassionate samurai book's tirade about "ethics".

Could it be that Klemmer's residual character flaws , or company culture, tolerate such embellishment of a resume from Mr. Pullan of Klemmer and Asscoiates?


Network Marketers have some budding entrepreneurial seeds within that need to be nurtured. There are great coaches and entrepreneurs that focus on how to grow personally and helping your business grow.

Klemmer and Associates trainings have what I perceive to be a deficiency model - that the next class/seminar has "more answers" feel better, there is another "lens" you can see your self and others...never enough model.

Check out Peter Shallard and other credible coaches for entrepreneurs and network marketers.

Focus and celebrate you as you are today. Do not let the facilitators run the " What is it about you" nonsense on you or receiving "feedback" from a fellow seminar attendee.

For sure do not listen to Klemmer and Associates' volunteer staff that are to happy to share thru their "experience" lenses of XXX and YYY and Advance Leadership, or Heart of Samurai will help with "this or that paradigm"

Would you let someone off the street diagnose and run checks on your body? Aren't you doing that when you attend Klemmer and Associates and receive "group feedback" from people you hardly know, with different background and interests as in for the next seminar??

Beware of well meaning strangers and what personal and confidential information you share with them.

you never know when what you share end up being public knowledge on Klemmer's cult response blog, or some of this" well qualified" trainers that use to sell insurance or lotions/potions. Value yourself - stay away from Klemmer and Associates.

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